Princess Rose is a cello player who kills anything she touches. She is befriended by a mechanical rabbit named Mr Cuddles who has a penchant for cross-dressing, prostitution, alcohol-dependency and drug-addiction. Could you have imagined Nintendo allowing such depravity on the SNES back in the days?

The gameplay is inspired by Castlevania and sports a ‘Victorian Disney style’ with 8 open-ended worlds. All manner of twisted cartoon characters will cross your path in this game, including the obligatory pugs of course!

To ensure the quality of this forthcoming game Luc Bernard has enlisted the talents of an animator who has worked on big budget movies such as Space Jam and Balto.

We have to say it all sounds very interesting and unique. How could this not be a winner? For more information on Luc and his projects, check out his blog on Destructoid.

Thanks to N-Europe for the info.

Update: Luc has personally revealed to us that this is not in development yet. He is currently looking for a publishing partner. Watch this space for more news.