What on Earth is going on here? If you want to know you'll probably have to get the game!

Paradroid puts you in control of a robot on board an abandoned starship. These robots have a power level going from 001 to 999, and, unfortunately, he's got a level of 001 and is as such the weakest of the lot. However, he's also the only robot that can take over other robots by hacking into them. That's the main objective of the game - Take control of gradually stronger robots and use them to take out the rest. Looking at our screenshots and video will probably leave you in utter confusion - This is really one of those games where you have no clue what's going on until you actually try it out. It is worth it, though - It's highly regarded among many Commodore 64 fans, and our first 5-star game on the system.

Now that the Hanabi Festival is over, is the amount of games going to drop or will we see a steady pace of new games? We can only hope it's the latter!