Mega blasting action

First up is Mega Turrican on the Sega Genesis. You might remember this as Turrican 3 on the Commodore Amiga. It's kind of a mix between Metroid, Contra and Gunstar Heroes but that doesn’t really do the game justice. We think it is well worth a look for run n’ gun fans, even though Super Turrican on the SNES is already on the VC and in our opinion has the edge on this.

A second Master System game appears this week to join Wonder Boy. Fantasy Zone is well worth a look. It is sort of like a cute version of Defender. It is one of the more memorable games from the early Master System library, your 500 Wii Points would be well spent here.

Get blasting!

Note: These games will not be available in the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mon 14th April.