Sock it to 'em, Alex!

Ok, maybe not all Sega fans, but we were certainly hoping it would come true, and it has. Alex Kidd’s finest adventure is inbound.

Sega’s forgotten mascot may have already made his Wii debut in the rather underwhelming Enchanted Castle, but for hardcore Kidd enthusiasts the greatest installment didn't take place on the Megadrive but rather on its underrated 8-bit sibling.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World is arguably the jumpsuit-wearing monkey boy’s finest outing. Released to combat the growing popularity of Nintendo’s Mario, Alex won the hearts of Master System owners but sadly couldn’t unseat the cheerful Italian plumber. The game is famous for being pre-loaded as a freebie with many European Master System consoles, so it’s unsurprising that gamers that grew up with that console have especially fond memories of the title.

The game has been officially rated by the OFLC and should be with us pretty shortly. Watch this space.