Rock on!

Envy is a terrible thing, isn’t it?

Rondo is widely regarded as one of the defining moments of Konami’s illustrious Castlevania franchise and has only recently been released outside of Japan, appearing alongside a 2.5D update on the recent PSP Dracula X Chronicles collection. Games are often hyped due to their lack of worldwide availability or perceived rarity, but in this case all the hot air spouted by hardcore fans is most definitely justified. Time will tell if a Western release is forthcoming, but the existence of the aforementioned PSP collection bodes well; the game is, after all, rated and ready for publication in both the US and Europe.

Metal Slug may have come as part of the excellent Wii Metal Slug Anthology but it’s still worth looking into, especially if it supports the classic controller – something the Anthology inexplicably failed to do.

Here’s the Japanese update list in full:

  • Hercules no Eikou IV (SFC)
  • Phelios (MD)
  • Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (PCE)
  • Metal Slug (Neo Geo)