Hey you already got my Wii Points! Don't get greedy!!

According to this week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Genki will be releasing an add-on pack for its Japanese WiiWare launch puzzler, LONPOS for 500 Wii Points. We don't know the nature of the add-on yet but the full game only costs 1000 Wii Points so it should probably be substantial.

Bandai Namco announced similar plans to charge for additional content a few months ago with it's WiiWare launch title, Mojipittan.

Love it or hate it, microtransactions go with the territory for downloadable content now. If XBLA games such as Lumines can offer extra game modes for a cost, then why not WiiWare too?

Have your say about WiiWare microtransactions, do you think they are a good idea or not?