Alien Crush returns!

First off, Joy Sound is no longer a WiiWare game. It will be released as a retail game because it includes some accessoires which they obviously can't bundle with a digital download. However, you will be able to download additional songs off of WiiWare, so it still works with the service, just in a different way.

Bomberman will indeed be released a retail game, including a single player game, battle mode and minigames. But, there will also be a WiiWare version of the game. We now finally know how this works - If you're not interested in the single player and minigames, you can choose to only download the multiplayer battle part of the game as a WiiWare game. Smart move by Hudson! The game will hit WiiWare in June (In Japan).

Blue Oasis is sort of an Endless Ocean Light, with no diving, just a fishtank with fish you can raise and such. Not much else seems to be known, besides the fact that the game seems to use the Forecast Channel. The game will hit Japan this year, but no month has been announced yet.

Tetris is still on the way, with 6-player online battle, and 2-player online co-op. It still looks to be very close to the original game, so this one's got us excited! It will hit Japan in July.

Alien Crush WiiWare is a sequel to Alien Crush, available on VC! This game will feature 3D graphics and a new table, while still maintaining the feel of the original game. It'll also have online for up to 5 players (We're not sure how this will work) and online highscores. This must be a response to its VC sales, as we hear it's been selling quite well. Let's hope for Devil's Crush too! Japan will get it in August.

Hudson has also said they've got 10 total WiiWare games in development (Including these), so expect more announcements!