Super R-Type is fun - Until you die!

Prepare for a pretty bad week if you don't like shooters - Then again, it's also not very good even if you do like them. Super R-Type will seem great when you start, with good graphics, a nice soundtrack, the usual fun R-Type gameplay and more. This probably changes when you die for the first time though, and realize that every time you die, you get sent back to the start of the level. There are no checkpoints in this game to respawn at, so unless you're absolutely fantastic at shoot 'em ups, you'll most likely never make it to the end. The game was rated by the USK all the way back in 2006 though, so at least it's finally off the Coming Soon list!

Today's other game is Operation Wolf. This is a very lackluster port of the arcade game with the same name. The original NES cartridge could be played with the NES Zapper, making it at least somewhat fun, but the VC version does not allow Wii remote zapping, so it's definitely not worth the admittance fee.

Let's hope we get some imports next week! Check out the reviews:

Super R-Type - SNES - 800 Wii Points

Operation Wolf - NES - 500 Wii Points