A new system arrives on VC!

As the C64 is arguably bigger news than a new N64 game (It's not that great of a game anyway), its two games are our "top picks" this week. International Karate is probably the single most popular C64 game. It was ported to a variety of systems, some of them even with better graphics, but none of them ever really got as popular as this version. It's quite a basic little fighter, but it spawned a cult following and a number of sequels, so it might be worth checking out. It's not the best fighter on VC though!

The other C64 game this week is Uridium, a rather odd shoot 'em up which is not at all like any other one already on VC. Instead of fixed scrolling, you can decide whether you go left or right on your own in this game, and you can do so at various speeds as well, meaning that you basically decide the pace you want to play at. Nothing quite like it has been made since, so this is also quite a good game to check out.

Nintendo 64 games are normally highly anticipated by the VC user community. Don't get excited this week though - Cruis'n USA was thought of as highly average when it was originally released, and it's even worse now. It is indeed true that unlike almost every other current VC racer, it's quite realistic-looking, with real-life locations, realistic looking cars, and more, but if you don't care if you're driving through real-life areas or fictional locations, then there's much better racer picks already available, such as Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero. There was actually a rather atrocious-looking Wii sequel simply called Cruis'n released recently as well.

If you've played some C64 games before, you'll know that the system has it's own keyboard. How is this handled on the VC, you ask? Whenever you're required to type something, a "virtual" keyboard similar to the one on the Internet Channel (And Wii Shop search function) pops up and you can type whatever you want.

Three new games for the EU! That hasn't happened since last December!