We caught up with Luc and popped a few questions his way regarding this innovative platform adventure.

WW: Eternity's Child has a very unique visual style - what inspirations did you have from a design point of view?

Luc Bernard: Well this is how I see I see the world. I have depersonalization disorder so I think most of the time that I'm in dream that the world is not real. Let's put it this way - if I look up into the sky I won't see just clouds, I will imagine all sorts of other creatures instead, so I guess that is where the inspirations come from. I just honestly don't see the point in doing something that looks exactly like reality.

WW: Without giving too much away, could you tell us about the general storyline for the game?


LB: Well the game's story is an introduction to the world of Eternity's Child; it's preparing the way for the film version. A lot of questions will remain unanswered that will only be answered in the film version.

WW: Do you see yourself as a videogame creator or an artist, and do you think it's possible to be both without one area of expertise suffering?

LB: Videogames are entertainement, you just need to be good at entertaining. People should stop thinking that videogames should only be done by game designers. Now everyone plays games this industry needs more people from other areas in it. For example, one of my friends is a singer and she came up with the best gameplay ideas and she hardly ever touches videogames.

WW: Why did you switch development from XBLA to WiiWare?

LB: Many reasons. The Wii is also a better platform for Eternity's Child, it allows a different gameplay and also Nintendo fans like platform games. It's something that fits the Wii perfectly.


WW: Although Nintendo's "kiddy-friendly" stance has cooled over the past few years, EC is still a rather unusual game - it may have cartoon qualities but it appears to be aimed at a more mature audience than the likes of Super Paper Mario. Did Nintendo have any objections to any of your more outlandish ideas?

LB: Well, Eternity's Child is just weird but is for everyone. My next game, called Manufactured Beauty, is for adults however. I plan to do games for every kind of person, to touch as many people as possible. It doesn't feature any blood or anything like that, so I figure that children can play it also.

WW: The game is listed for release in Q2 2008 - are you fairly certain it will hit this date or is there more work to be done?

LB: I really hope it will hit this date and to be honest, I think it can.

WW: Is it true that you're planning to do a film version of EC?

LB: Yes I am, a hand drawn animated film like the old Disneys but a lot darker. It will be the direct sequel to the videogame, instead of doing a game sequel I would rather have a film one. However the film will be more mature than the game, so I don't know if young children will be able to watch it.


WW: Could you tell us how Sean Beeson became involved with the game?

LB: Well I've known Sean for a few years, and well he loved the art style of Eternity's Child and also the fact that I allowed him complete freedom on the soundtrack, and you must admit he's one of the best upcoming composers today. He managed to bring Eternity's Child to life with his music, I could not think of a better person for this soundtrack.

WW: How many hours of gameplay with EC contain?

LB: Since the game isn't retail anymore, less storage space means the game is shorter, but will still be a great experience. I will say that it depends on the how good the player is to finish the game.

WW: What part of the game are you most proud of?


LB: I'm a perfectionist so I think I can always do better, so once I finish a product I'm always like "I could of done better" so I'm rarely proud of what I do. I always try to do better.

WW: Do you have any other WiiWare projects in development?

LB: I have several other DS and Wii projects with Alten8, so be excited is all I can say! Other fairytales, but some are more mature. So the Wii will have other exclusive mature games. I don't plan to ever do a sequel to any games, but keep on renewing myself.