The Gaming Bible

Written in the same style as the Guinness Book Of Records this volume contains hundreds upon thousands of facts and trivia related to the game industry. Did you know that Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy holds the record for action/adventure game with the most playable characters (allowing you to control a whopping 96)? And did you know that the longest ban in XBOX Live history goes to gamertag "|Scar|" who is banned until 31st December 9999?

This book is just brimming with interesting anecdotes like this and while we're yet to get our hands on a copy the 16-page digital sampler has more than whet our appetite.

Aside from all the facts and trivia, the Gamer's Edition also includes a comprehensive list of the highest scores ever achieved in most popular video games. So if you're looking at setting a new Pacman or Space Invaders record - this should be your first port of calling.

Guiness World Records Gamer's Edition is (apparently) available today in the UK but seeing as the "Buy" link has yet to go live we recommend refreshing your browser all afternoon until it appears.