A traditional RPG battle in Phantasy Star II.

The obvious top pick today is Phantasy Star II, a rather well-known Mega Drive RPG which has been rereleased a bunch of times and has (Or at least should have) been played by most Sega fans. The amount of RPG offerings on VC right now is rather small, so this is a very welcome addition!

Today's other release isn't nearly as noteworthy - It's the fighter, Eternal Champions. Back in the day the game gained some popularity for being quite gory, but with three installments of Street Fighter II and The King of Fighters '94 on VC already, all of which are considered better by most, there's not much reason to get this game if you're looking to download a fighter. It's still pretty good though, so if you're a real diehard fighter fan or just want to check out some non-Street Fighter/KoF games, give it a go.

Two good games, a nice change from the awfully slow pace lately! Check out the reviews:

Phantasy Star II - Mega Drive - 800 Wii Points

Eternal Champions - Mega Drive - 800 Wii Points