Ohhhh, luverly graffix! (click to enlarge)

Created by professional cartoonist Luc Benard, Eternity’s Child is a lovely looking platform action title that practically oozes quality. It was supposed to be XBLA-bound, but Microsoft’s cap on the size of downloadable games has forced the developer to look elsewhere – more specifically, WiiWare.

Luc Bernard himself contacted WiiDS.co.uk with the news, and also hinted at other developments:

Luc Benard stating that Eternity’s Child for WiiWare Download Station will come out in Q2 2008 for 500 points ($5 USD). Mr. Benard also hinted at more game announcements next week, all interactive fairy tales

Aside from the rather obvious fact that the game looks amazing, the price surprised us – 500 points puts this alongside NES games in terms of value. Time will tell how much gameplay Eternity’s Child will actually offer, but if all WiiWare games can look this good then 2008 is going to be a very exciting year indeed for Wii owners.