Unleashing Pac-Man on this setup will quickly clear the whole screen!

From out of nowhere (It was not previously announced or rated) comes Pac-Attack, a surprisingly good Pac-Man rendition of the falling block puzzle genre. In this one out of few Pac-Man spinoffs, your job is to keep the screen clear of blocks and ghosts, by creating rows of blocks and letting Pac-Man eat the ghosts.

Today's other game is best left ignored. Riot Zone is a quite horrible attempt at cashing in on the popular arcade beat 'em up genre (Final Fight, Streets of Rage) by Hudson and, believe it or not, WestOne, the makers of Wonder Boy! The game is quite bland and utterly forgettable, which is strange considering it's a CD game!

It really does seem like the VC updates are getting smaller - Japan is now getting 2-3 games per week instead of 5-6, Europe hasn't had more than 2 games the past 3 weeks, and now the US has had two weeks with 2 games as well. Let's hope this doesn't continue! Check out the reviews:

Pac-Attack - SNES - 800 Wii Points

Riot Zone - TurboGrafx-CD - 800 Wii Points