Iwata Conference

President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has recently taken part a somewhat interesting interview with Japanese site Asahi.com. In it he explains why he thinks the Wii has been such a success (it’s because of the interface and NOT because of graphics or storylines) and why he admires companies like Apple so much (possibly something to do with uniform ascetics and making lots of cash, we’d imagine).

Here’s a short excerpt:

It's [the waggle] an extension of the argument of straightforward and easy control we started with the DS, but putting it in the living room makes it different. As big screen televisions increase, what kind of game machine can you make? Targeting highly detailed graphics and epic stories are options, and in that situation, the gamer population doesn't increase. The answer was creating the sensation of really playing sports on the television screen, and it's a new type of physical interaction.

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[source kotaku.com]