Now you too can snowboard down dangerous mountains without fear of losing life or limb!

Hot on the heels of Japan, who got the game on Tuesday, Europe has gotten the next N64 game - 1080 Snowboarding! This is another "realistic" racer, similar to Wave Race 64, except that you're, of course, snowboarding instead of riding jetskis. Like the other 3 N64 racers on VC, it holds up quite well and is well worth checking out.

On the other hand, stay far away from Riot Zone. This is a rather blatant clone of Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and unfortunately for us, it's not nearly as good as either of them. Despite it being a CD game, the audio and graphics generally fail to impress, and it's not very fun to play either!

That's the 4th week in a row without 3 or more VC games - I think it's pretty safe to say now that we're not going to get more than 2 for a while, unfortunately. Check out the reviews:

1080 Snowboarding - N64 - 1000 Wii Points

Riot Zone - Turbografx-CD - 800 Wii Points