Check Mii Out

These are the improvements made to the channel:

  • It's now easier to find Miis you've put up in the Posting Plaza.
  • When viewing a particular Mii Artisan's profile, there is now an option to show all Miis posted by that Artisan.
  • If you leave in the middle of judging a contest, upon your return, the Miis you selected previously will be retained.
  • Parental Controls are now fully supported in the channel. Users may choose to block the exchange of "user-generated content" from t he main system settings, and when this function is engaged, the Parental Controls PIN will be required to access the channel.
  • You can now view 500 popular Miis at a time in the Posting Plaza instead of only 50.
  • When searching for a particular Mii, the number entered is not lost if no results are returned, which makes it easier to re-enter or correct mistakes prior to a second search.

To update just follow the prompt to download the latest version from the Wii shop when you get the Wiimail. This is now available in both North America and the EU.