Yay! Super Mario Bros 3 FINALLY!!

Sadly we can't help feeling that Alien Soldier on the Sega Genesis might not get the attention it deserves due' to this great news. If you are a fan of the run n' gun genre this is certainly worth a look. It is as hard as nails but is developed by Treasure who created the awesome Gunstar Heroes so you can rest assured that this is a game worth playing. This game was not released in the US before, as such it costs 900 Wii Points as opposed to 800.

Last but not least is Power Golf for the TurboGrafx-16. For the biggest golf fan this might be worth a look but be warned there were far better representations of the sport at the time. The control system proves this games undoing so unless you think you can put up with that we advise you give this one a miss.