The Shaft - VC Joystick

Designed as a Virtual Console controller, The Shaft is a pretty traditional looking arcade stick on a peanut shaped base.

The stick has full analogue control (for playing games like Mario Kart), but also has 8 "resting points" so it also has the feel of an 8-way joystick for games like SF2. It was designed to provide the best of both playing experiences in one controller.

The Shaft plugs into the Gamecube port on the Wii. Overline decided to make it wired, because in their experience, wireless controllers do not provide the response time required for fighting games.

Even the ladies love a bit of The Shaft as seen in this promotional video!

The stick is available in white, pink and black and preorders for delivery in December are being taken now.

One joystick will cost you $39.99 / 27.34 Euros / £19.35

Two joysticks will cost $69.99 / 47.86 Euros / £33.86

Shipping is available all over the world, rates vary by country. You can choose your level of shipping in Paypal. FedEx International delivery will take about 3 days.

Your pals at the Virtual Console Archive will be picking up a few Shafts of their own so expect to see a full review of the new stick on the block nearer to Christmas.

Visit Overline's Wii Virtual Console joystick page.