The legendary Fatal Fury!

First up is Fatal Fury. This is pretty much one of the most well-known fighters besides Street Fighter. It has some neat ideas, such as being able to hop into the background and back to the foreground, but it also has some negative points. Regardless, it's probably today's best offering, as it's aged pretty well.

World Heroes was pretty much an "alternative" to Fatal Fury back in the day. Instead of the more serious style of Fatal Fury, World Heroes has an oddball cast of characters, like a Genghis Khan lookalike, a German cyborg officer, an American wrestler and more. Unfortunately, the gameplay hasn't aged as well as the cast, so it's not as recommended as Fatal Fury.

Finally there's Art of Fighting. Of all the Neo Geo fighters, this has probably aged the worst. While the game has some fantastic, huge sprites and great backgrounds, the gameplay is quite slow and lacking nowadays, so, unless you liked the game back then, we wouldn't recommend this one at all.

If you like fighters, you're in luck this week! Otherwise, better luck next time.