The quirky Japanese platformer, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun!

Another NES offering today comes in the form of Lunar Pool. There's been many billiards games over the years, but this one takes a unique spin on the genre - You play on the moon, with all sorts of wacky gravity changes and more. Unfortunately, it's still not quite special enough to really be worthy of a purchase.

Finally today, it's the third Golden Axe - Golden Axe III. Strangely, this game was never released outside Japan on the Mega Drive/Genesis (It was however on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Collection), but Sega have spared us all of an increased price and left it at 800 Points. It's... more of the same, really. If you like beat 'em ups, it should be on your list, but be sure to grab the VC's better offerings first.

Three average games for the US today.