Star Soldier R - Will it be the first WiiWare game?

First off, Nintendo has announced the first WiiWare title made by themselves - It's Dr. Mario! First details and screenshots (Found here) seem to suggest it's a faithful recreation of the original game with some new features, and Wi-Fi multiplayer!

Hudson, not staying behind, have also announced three more WiiWare titles. Star Soldier R, Bomberman and Joysound (A karaoke game) will all be appearing in the spring of next year. Star Soldier R has some screenshots, which you can view here.

Finally, Square have announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land for WiiWare. This will have a price of 1500 Wii Points, no other details are known.

Nintendo has also announced what many people were asking for - Yes, DS demos will be downloaded from the Wii Shop sometime in the future! Presumably you will wirelessly link the DS with the Wii and then play the demos on your DS. No date has been given, but we expect it to be early next year.

Finally in VC news, the Everybody Votes Channel will be getting an update, which will allow you to vote how much you like games you own. We don't know if this includes VC games, but it would be likely.

Apparently, there will also be new Channels soon - Alongside the already known Mii Popularity Channel, we'll be getting some sort of Commercial Channel, for viewing game commercials and trailers! Screens of this can be found here again.

There's also a new "Pokemon Farm", although we're not quite sure if it's a Channel or a WiiWare game. It seems to involve your Mii being able to interact with Pokemon. We personally think it's a WiiWare game, though it would seem more suited to being a Channel. Stay tuned.

And if that's not enough - There's a new Wii update available, which will allow you to click links, copy text to search with, and more! You can also update the Everybody Votes Channel and Internet Channel through the Wii Shop to enable USB keyboard support!