Street Fighter's rival, Fatal Fury!

Joining Fatal Fury are 4 Mega Drive titles, as it's the first update of the month, naturally meaning it's Sega time!

The first one is Landstalker. We sadly missed out on this fantastic isometric RPG last month (While America alreayd had it!), but it's now finally available in Europe too. Do yourself a favour and get this game, as it's perhaps one of the Mega Drive's finest!

Second, it's Streets of Rage 3. The final part of the trilogy has received lots of criticism for it's odd choice of graphics and sound, but it's still a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. If you loved the first two, you can't go wrong here!

The third Sega game is Golden Axe III, coincidentally also the last of a beat 'em up trilogy. The Golden Axe series (Especially the Sega ports) have never truly been amazing, but if you liked them before, this one will be right up your alley. It wasn't released in Europe originally!

Finally we have Super Thunder Blade. You'd do well to steer clear of this title - It was a pretty bad Star Fox/Space Harrier clone to begin with, but the years have been very, very harsh to it, and it's just awful now. Just ignore it and pick one of the other games this week!

So, five more games for Europe! Take a pick, four of them are good!