Ninja action in Ninja Gaiden.

First up is the NES platformer Ninja Gaiden. Originally released in Europe originally as Shadow Warriors, it's a fast-paced ninja platformer with loads of action. Blame Nintendo of Europe for working in odd ways, because for some reason they decided to upload the American version of the game, meaning it costs more Wii Points than normal since we "never got to try it" - 600, to be exact.

Second this week is the game that actually WASN'T released in Europe originally, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun. This arcadey platformer is more fun than other current arcade offerings and can get quite tough later. Do still remember that this is an arcade game though - As usual this means endless and repeating levels. As this is another previously JP-only game, it also gets an inflated price - 600 Wii Points.

Finally this week, it's the Turbografx baseball game, World Class Baseball. Nothing too special here, but at least it's a big improvement on Nintendo's own VC baseball offering, the aptly named Baseball. Might want to check it out.

Two ok games and a great one for Europe today (Although it costs more than normal while it shouldn't, argh!).