Never released outside Japan!
very big surprise for Europeans today, as they get not one, but TWO titles that were previously only released in Japan. And Europe gets Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and Super Paper Mario today as well!

The first game today is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, AKA the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2. This game was previously released as part of Super Mario All-Stars for SNES, and as part of Super Mario Bros. DX for Game Boy Colour as "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players". However, the fully complete original version has never been released outside Japan. A big warning though if you want the game: It will be removed at the end of September. If you do not get it before then, you cannot get it. Also, it costs 600 Wii Points instead of 500!

Second today is Mario's Super Picross for SNES. Also never released outside Japan previously, this is one of the best Picross games Nintendo's made. If you like Picross, download it. If you haven't played Picross before, download it. It's one of the best puzzle games ever, and once you get the hang of it, it's really fun. This title's got an increased price too: 900 Wii Points! Note that the game has not been translated!

Finally today we have Neutopia II. This brilliant sequel to the original is a great game, but will probably go ignored because of today's other two games! Still, check it out when you've got the time, as it's worth your money.

A really big surprise for Europe this week! Three great games, two of them previously Japan-only! Check out the reviews:

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) - NES - 600 Wii Points - Only available to the end of September

Mario's Super Picross - SNES - 900 Wii Points

Neutopia II - Turbografx - 600 Wii Points