The titular Super Metroid!
he moment a lot of you have been waiting for has finally come! Yes, the legendary Super Metroid is now available in North America! Ask any Metroid or Super Nintendo fan and they will gladly admit that it's one of the greatest games ever made for the system, and perhaps even of all time. And at no increased price, it's a steal, really! If you haven't ever played the game before you would do extremely well to check it out.

Sega's Shinobi III is also available today. This is perhaps the best game in the series, with lots of cool ninja moves and some challenging platforming sections. Platformer fans will like this one.

Finishing up this week is Hudson's very own Neutopia! One of the most requested TurboGrafx titles to hit VC, it's basically a blatant The Legend of Zelda ripoff - But don't let that fool you, because it's a great little game, some would even say it's better than the game it copied!

So, something for everybody, really, an action game, a platformer and an RPG. And they've all got 5 stars here too! Check out the reviews:

Super Metroid - SNES - 800 Wii Points

Shinobi III - Genesis - 800 Wii Points

Neutopia - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Wii Points