The legendary fighter, Fatal Fury!
uite a bit of news today, as Japan gets a reconfirmation that Neo Geo games are headed to their VC. And sooner than you might expect! According to the site of SNK, the company who originally created the system, the first games will be coming to Japan in September, and will have an average price of 900 Wii Points. Three games were also confirmed to come: Fatal Fury (September 11th), World Heroes and Magician Lord (Both September with no specific date). It is yet unknown when Neo Geo games will hit America, Europe and Australia, though SNK recently said America would get them "in the summer". Let's see how that works out.

Second of all, Hudson has updated their Virtual Console site with the upcoming TurboGrafx games for all regions: America can expect Bonk 3, Neutopia II, Legend of Hero Tonma and World Class Baseball, with Bonk 3 hitting September 3rd. Europe and Australia will get the same, minus Bonk 3, as they got it today! Japan will also get a number of titles, see the news post about Japan's September VC list (See front page of our site) to see which they are.

Third, the OFLC has rated two new titles. While normally a nice surprise but nothing exceptional, this time it's two games, both of which were previously only released in Japan. Yes, Mario's Super Picross and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels are headed our way! As SMB2J was recently removed from the ESRB, some people were wondering whether we would get Japan-only Nintendo games - This is a nice reconfirmation.

Last of all, the PEGI have finally rated Super Metroid, implying a European and Australian release is upcoming. Hopefully it's not too long of a wait from now!