Shinobi Ninja Goodness

First in my list this week is the excellent Shinobi III. It is strange that the original Megadrive Revenge of Shinobi wasn't released first but when both of the games are so great it is hard to complain. Shinobi III builds upon the original with a running dash move and wall bouncing technique ala Ninja Gaiden. It's a solid game and deserves a look for all action fans.

Role playing games don't come much better than Sega's Shining Force. The plot is pretty standard RPG stuff, with the usual serving of young heroes, ugly looking foes and an all-powerful bad guy intent on taking over the world. However, it's handled with such flair that it remains intriguing despite the generally cliched nature of the story If you want a game that you can really sink your teeth into then make sure you download this.

As if all that wasn't enough Sega also give Europe Dynamite Headdy this week as well. Talk about a good week! Dynamite Headdy isn't just a great game, and one of the best platformers on the Mega Drive, it also has the distinct advantage of being a new experience to most people, one that's well worth the time and effort. Highly recommended.

Something always has to come along and ruin a good week and this time the turkey is Drop Off on the Turbografx. The VCA's opinion that this is an unplayable pile of dog mess but there are some who like this game it seems. Thing Breakout meets Puzzle Bobble and gives birth to a deformed child. Run away!

Check out this week's reviews:

Shinobi III - Sega Megadrive - 800 Points

Shining Force - Sega Megadrive - 800 Points

Dynamite Headdy - Sega Megadrive - 800 Points

Drop Off - Turbografx - 600 Points