Shine, shine like a star...

We also have that cute little nutsack that is Kirby! Ok, so he's the kind of mascot you'd imagine your kid sister liking, but you can't deny that 'Kirbs' has starred in some pretty dope games in his time and Dream Course is no exception. Well worth a gander.

Bringing up the rear is the BEST PINBALL GAME EVA - Devil's Crush. Ever wondered what would happen is Clive Barker created a pinball table? Well wonder no more, Naxat's classic title is here for you to download. Not for the easily scared!

Wow, three must-have downloads in one week! Surely no one can moan about this fine selection?

Oops, I shouldn't have said that.

Check out the reviews here:

Shining Force - Sega Genesis - 800 Points

Kirky's Dream Course - Super Nintendo - 800 Points

Devil's Crush - Turbografx-16 - 600 Points