One of the finest games on the N64, this really needs to be downloaded by everyone. It remains impressive even to this day, with loads of craft on-screen and blisteringly fast racing action. 1000 points well spent.

If futuristic, high speed racing isn't your bag, then maybe you'd like some fighting action in the shape of the excellent Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. More of an update than a fully fledged game, the increase in speed really makes all the difference here. The chance to play as the four boss characters also ranks as a nice addition.

The final game is the dire Turbografx-16 fighter China Warrior - well, I suppose it would have been a bit much to expect three must-have titles in one week.

So there you have it. Two excellent titles and one not so good. I assume most people will blow their points on F-Zero X, but at least this week you have a decent second choice in the form of SF2 Turbo!

Download and be happy, friends!