Super Turrican coming to the VC

There was a pleasant surprise as two top notch retro blast-em-ups were rated by the ESRB for release on the Wii Virtual Console. Factor 5's Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2 are both top quality games.

The series started life in 1990 on the Commodore 64, it was similar to Nintendo's Metroid in many respects. Your character can morph into a ball and exploration plays a big part of the gameplay.

Proving a popular series on home computers the TurboGrafx and Megadrive even got Turrican games too. The Super Nintendo games are really the pinnacles of the series so we're glad to hear that they are on the way.

In other news Shining Force was also rated by the ESRB recently too so it probably won't be long until it's on the VC. We did already know about this due to the Australian OFLC rating some time ago but it's always good to know it's not been forgotton about!