TG-16 for the Aussies! Yay!
bit of a turn up for the books this one. Our Austrailian counterparts have been restricted from downloading TurboGrafx-16 games since the start of the Virtual Console service seemingly because the console never made a debut in that region. It wasn't the end of the world as certain sneaky Aussies found they could get around this by changing their Wii region settings but it still left them feeling a hard done by!

It would appear as if all that was set to change judging from Hudson's Virtual Console website. Yes indeedy a icon has now been added stating Aussieland will be getting TG-16 games in their Wii Shop from July!

We would imagine this would mirror the game list already available for the European region and then continue to keep in step with it. Lets hope so otherwise this will be very confusing indeed!