Virtua Fighter 2

Perhaps the most prominent of these new titles is the best-selling fighter game for the Mega Drive, Virtua Fighter 2. This extremely popular game shaped the now famous fighting-genre and boosted the sales of the successful SEGA console. The game includes 9 different playable characters with their own devastating combos, and up to two players can fight together to become the Second World Fighting Champion.

Also joining along with Virtua Fighter is the two addictive platform games Wonder Boy in Monster World and Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle. Both of these can prove challenging and nostalgic, as players are engaged in classic scenarios with puzzle-solving and enemy-bashing.

Finally, the last game to join the ranks of the mighty Virtual Console is the Shoot-em-up game Shockman for the Turbografx. Player will be able to progress through vast and detailed levels, while battling enormous hordes of robotic monsters and impressive bosses.

All these titles will undoubtedly further raise the quality of the fantastic game selection on the Virtual Console. So what are you waiting for? All of these are now available for 800 Wii points.