It's VF2 - but not as we know it
rawling is the focus of this weeks games, with two of the titles available - Punch Out!! and Virtua Fighter 2 - revolving around the act of beating the seven shades of crap out of a fellow human being. How nice. The final game in the three is the sublime Bonk's Revenge (AKA: PC Kid 2).

Punch Out!! and Bonk's Revenge are simply must-have games, but we recommend you avoid Virtua Fighter 2. You're better off buying a second hand Saturn and a copy of the game, both of which can probably be purchased for peanuts. The Megadrive/Genesis really isn't up to this kind of game, and although Sega should be commended for at least trying, the results are less than impressive.

Punch Out!! - Nintendo NES - 500 Points

Virtua Fighter 2 - Sega Genesis - 800 Points

Bonk's Revenge - Turbografx - 600 Points