Me Pointy!

Speaking to IGN, SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman confirmed that big releases such as King of Fighters will be coming to the Wii for 'just over' the current price of SNES/Megadrive titles (about $8).

How SNK will get around the fact that your average NeoGeo game is much larger than a SNES or Megadrive title has not been revealed, but if they're talking about doing it, they must be able to. However, Nintendo will have to address the space issue in regards to the Wii's internal memory - being able to actually run VC games from an SD card (rather than just use it to store them, as is the case now) is going to be a must when some of the bigger NeoGeo titles are made available.

The recent release of the Wii Metal Slug collection sadly means that we might not be seeing any MS games for a while, but there are more then enough decent NeoGeo games out there to keep us happy. From the comments made by Herman, it looks like the company is serious about making this a success.

Seeing how NeoGeo titles still command very high prices even today, this is something of a coup for Wii owners!

Thanks go to VCA community member DEMON212 for the heads up on this!