Neo Geo goodness!

The Neo Geo console was released in the days of the NES and Megadrive, and became famous for expensive but high quality arcade games such as King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samuari Shodown and Last Blade. Creators SNK have since gone bust and been reborn as SNK Playmore, and they will be handling the distribution of Neo Geo VC downloads. There's been no word on points pricing or lineup as yet, but these games are going to be huge so you'll be looking at least 800 points per game, if not more. Having said that, the games are a cut above SNES and Megadrive stuff, although it remains to be seen how the VC will handle some of the bigger games. Some of the recent Neo Geo cart releases have been gigantic in terms of memory!

Another piece of interesting news is that Nintendo have now confirmed that MSX titles will be available on the VC, with the first two titles being Eggy and Aleste, costing 800 points each. This is a bit more than expected - these games are good but not in the same league as SNES stuff, which costs the same!

Anyway, this is excellent news and is a welcome boost to the already impressive VC lineup. Obviously we can't confirm at this very early stage that Neo Geo stuff will be making its way to the US and Europe - but the signs are good. Keep those fingers firmly crossed.

Check out Nintendo of Japan's Virtual Console page!