Wii Points? Go Brazillian!

All is well, you have your step-down transformer, no need to worry about modded RGB cables this time if you can just get a component cable from somewhere. ARRRGGGGHHHHH how do I buy Virtual Console points!?

Well my finely feathered friends, behold a solution to help you avoid throwing your money at eBay (USA) to try and get someone enjoying Thankgiving to try and scratch your code off and email it to you! Blah blah I digress! Basically - set your system country to Brazil (reason : Brazil matches card details on post code only - not on country, state, etc... and accepts no numeric characters)

Enter your credit card details in the card charge screen, enter you UK post code, TADA there you go - you now have points!

Just to confirm I have no problems with my credit card company doing this. (Using Brazil has my home country that is) 2000 Wii Points cost me £10.61 when it showed up in my CC statements a few days later - Woohoo! If you feel more daring you can go for 5000 points which will be roughly $26.30 when it shows up on your bill.

After buying the points just set your Wii back to Canada or the United States. Have fun kids!