4cr have done an excellent job of rounding up the latest chucks of info surrounding the Ubisoft first person shooter, Red Steel.

First of all, there will be 4 player multiplayer action, but no online gaming this time around.

SL: “It’s tough to discuss multiplayer in detail as it’s still a secret but there will be four-player split screen, but no LAN. Online will maybe one day be announced by Nintendo but it won’t be for the launch [of Red Steel]. In terms of gameplay I can’t reveal anything really but what I can say is that internally we are making tons of tests.”

Secondly, the game will feature Wiimote speaker noise, expect some "swooshes" with your sword play.

SL: “Yes it will be used in single player and multiplayer. When you hit with your sword the sound will come from you, as in reality, instead of the screen. So there is simple use like that or more complex use, as you will discover later.”

It's also confirmed that the entire game has been through alot of changes since its E3 version, now your controller movements will be completely replicated on-screen with the sensitivity being totally adjustable. The graphics have also been vastly improved and apparently will be more improvements before launch.

The final piece of news is loading times, although the games will be moved up onto DVD sized discs, the Wii shouldn't have many loading times, if at all. One developer states the streaming techniques are similar to Gamecube and who ever got mad at Gamecube's load times?

We'll hopefully be getting some more Red Steel info in the coming weeks.

[source 4colorrebellion.com]