Nintendo will be pleased with an impressive amount of support from Ubisoft for its Wii console. The following titles have been named by the publisher:

  1. Red Steel
  2. Rayman Raving Rabbids
  3. Open Season
  4. Far Cry
  5. Blazing Angels: Squadron of WWII
  6. Monster 4x4 World Circuit
  7. GT Pro Series

Obviously the big name franchise in the above list is Far Cry, talking to IGN Laurent Detoc had the following to say about the title.

"Far Cry Wii will include elements from Far Cry Instincts Evolution, in addition to a fresh storyline, new maps, characters and equipment. Second and even more importantly, Far Cry has strong diversity of gameplay so the game is a natural fit for the Wii remote."

One of the unknown titles, is GT Pro Series a new driving game for Wii:

"GT Pro Series is inspired by a Japanese game that was never released here and Ubisoft is optimizing for the Wii. It will have more than 80 licensed cars, tons of tuning options and fluid drift-style controls and physics. Talk about how the Wii changes the way you play games, we're working to include an accessory in GT Pro Series that will make this game a must have."

This comes as great news for Nintendo, third party support seems to be gaining momentum all the time. We'll be posting more information about all of these games over the following weeks and months.