Where to find captain Hoz
Image: Nintendo Life

As soon as you've landed in Hyrule proper you'll head off to Lookout Landing and meet Purah to start the quest Crisis at Hyrule Castle. As part of this quest, you'll need to go speak with Captain Hoz, but where exactly is he?

Let's take a look.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Captain Hoz

Once you start the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest you'll want to head off towards the marker that leads you up and into the battlements surrounding the castle itself. When you come to the main gate it won't open so simply clamber around the left side to bypass it.

Now you're onto the winding path beyond the main gate make sure to chat with any NPCs as you pass them, they'll tell you that Captain Hoz is up on top of the first gatehouse.

Keep on heading up the path and you'll come to a small building on your left with another NPC, this isn't the gatehouse in question so keep moving on to eventually come to the gatehouse we're after. Look up and you'll see Hoz and a guard on the higher level of this building.

To reach them simply climb up the outside of the structure and engage them in conversation to move the quest on to the next stage.

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