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Located within the Earth Temple, Scaldera is the second boss you're going to have to face off against during your adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and we're not gonna lie, this fiery ball of molten misery is a bit of a pushover. He talks the talk alright, but his walk's all over the shop.

Let's take a look at how to put this great big orange idiot out of its misery.

How To Beat Scaldera

Taking place on a giant ramp over a lava lake, this boss fight really is pretty much as easy as they come, requiring little more than a basic grasp of how to use the game's bombs. Scaldera will begin the fight at the bottom of the ramp but he's in a desperate hurry to make it to the top, which is where you come in.

What you need to do here is ready a bomb and place it on the ground so that Scaldera charges into it as he makes his way towards you. You don't even need to worry about fuse timings as contact with his fiery outer shell will cause your bombs to explode on impact.

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Once he's been hit by a bomb blast, Scaldera will tumble all the way down the ramp to the bottom again and you should be sprinting after him. Once he stops he'll gather himself and draw in a huge amount of air, at which point you need to chuck another bomb so it lands directly in his gob. Again, you don't even need to worry about aiming here as he's sucking with such force that the bomb will be drawn right into his mouth where it explodes. This causes him to collapse temporarily to the ground with his weak point, his eye, fully exposed, which we absolutely love to see.

Hammer his eye as hard and as fast as you can here and, when he starts to gather himself up again, retreat, get your bombs ready and do exactly the same thing over again. There is no phase two here, he's a one-phase pony.

If you're running out of bombs or have made a mistake and need a little health boost, you'll find both bombs and hearts await you at the top of the ramp. After a few batterings about the eyeball, Scaldera will give up, shrivel into a tiny blackened version of himself and then explode. Tragic.

Now that you've now bested Scaldera, why not jump back to our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD hub for more boss guides, tips and help?

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