Link outside Martha's Bau and Catfish's Maw

Concluding part six of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we'll need to learn how to defeat the Catfish’s Maw dungeon's boss: Slime Eel.

How To Defeat Slime Eel - Catfish's Maw Boss (Level 5)

You emerge into an empty arena and receive your standard-issue Nightmare taunt:

Ssso…you are the outsssider, come to wake the Wind Fisssh…
KEEE-HEE-HEEEH! I shall eat you!

A square area in the centre of the arena falls away and a spiked tail emerges.

The Slime Eel emerges

This is the backend of the Slime Eel – its fanged maw suddenly bites into four corners of the arena and the battle commences.

Attacking the Slime Eel's Weakspot

The hookshot is critical once again – while avoiding/jumping the Eel’s tail, you need to fire the hookshot at its head. The further away you stand the better: the Eel gets pulled towards you, exposing a vulnerable weakspot at the top of its neck for you to hit with your sword.

Watch out for the fake eels that sometimes emerge – these short eels have white pupils in black eyes and will bounce around before self-destructing.

Do enough damage and the Slime Eel dies, berating you for your apparent ignorance:

TSSSK, TSSSK! You don’t ssseem to know what kind of island thisss iss…

Head through the top exit to the treasure room.

Link holds aloft the Wind Marimba

Well, you’ve finally received instrument number five: the Wind Marimba. In the light that follows you hear the ominous and mysterious voice again:

The island’s secret in the shrine…

The instrument in the bag? Time to continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by locating the Face Key Location, Ancient Ruins and Boomerang which allows you to enter the Face Shrine before learning How To Defeat Face Shrine Boss (Level 6).