Link stands outside the entrance to Turtle Rock

Concluding part nine of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough it's time to learn how to defeat Hot Head, the Turtle Rock Boss.

How To Defeat Hot Head - Turtle Rock Boss (Level 8)

Hot Head appears

You enter and the portcullis opposite crashes shut. A voice calls out to you:

*CRACKLE-FWOOSH* You’re finished!
I will never let you play the Instruments of the Sirens!

A grinning ball of molten rock rises from the lava – this is the imaginatively named Hot Head.

Firing fireballs at Hot Head with the Magic Rod

What does the doctor recommend in cases of extreme hot head? Fire, and lots of it. Fighting fire with fire is a surprisingly effective strategy and Hot Head’s repertoire of side to side jumps and diagonally-shot globs of lava match up poorly to simply lobbing fireballs forward in a straight line.

Once you’ve done enough damage, Hot Head will lament your victory:

*C-C-CRACKLE* Why did you come here? If it weren’t for you, nothing would have to change!
You cannot wake the Wind Fish!
Remember, you…too…are in…the dream…

Head through the north door to the treasure room.

Link claims the Thunder Drum, the eighth and final instrument

Finally, you claim the eighth and final instrument – the Thunder Drum. The voice in the white light speaks:

The egg on the mountain calls

Almost there, you've collected all the instruments, to continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough you'll need to complete the trading sequence before heading to the Wind Fishs' Egg Maze and Final Boss Battle.