Relief in the Ancient Ruins

Concluding part seven of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we'll need to learn how to defeat the Face Shrine Boss: Facade.

How To Defeat Façade - Face Shrine Boss (Level 6)

Hopping on raised orange barriers to claim Crazy Tracey's lotion

Leaving the long hall via its lower exit, you will enter the room in which you fought the four Wizzrobes. Take the lower exit this time. In the next room, the Owl Statue will state:

Hop on top of the crystals to move forward.

Climb the steps directly below and drop off the ledge and onto the raised orange barrier. Jump to the single barrier on the right, and then head up the stairs and leave via the raised area. The chest in the next room contains some of Crazy Tracy’s lotion.

Vacuum Mouth destroyed, Link exits right

At this point you will need to loop back to the room with the flying tiles (from the beginning of the Nightmare Key section above.) This time, head south – you will find a room with a Vacuum Mouth in the centre – when it stops inhaling, jump and swing your sword at it. Tour the rest of the room and take out all green Zol to open the door to the right.

Jumping trenches towards the Nightmare

Take out the Wizzrobes in the next room to open the upper door. On the right side of the room you should jump the gap diagonally to access the upper area – just avoid the pit and the laser gaze of the Beamos in the lower right.

Lighting the torches outside the Nightmare's Lair

Light the torches in the next room to take out the Sparks and open the Nightmare door.

Enter the boss arena and a cartoonish face will form in the floortiles, ready with a taunt:

Hey, dummy! Need a hint? My weak point is…
Whoops! There I go, talking too much again…

Facade appears

This Nightmare is Façade. Considering he is only a face, the weak-point he isn’t telling you about is in fact, his face. In all upcoming phases, lay/throw a bomb on his face to hurt him.

Facade throws floor tiles in his first phase

The first phase of his attack will involve more tile dodging – get as many bomb throws in as possible. The pots will also get thrown once all of the orange tiles have been used up.

Pits open as Facade moves around the battle arena

Once the room is clear, Façade will start to move around the arena, and pits will open up in his wake. Avoid the pitfalls and throw your bombs wherever he comes to a stop. When you need just one more hit there will be a large number of pits to dodge. Deal the killing blow and hear his last words:

Ok, listen up!=
If the Wind Fish wakes up, everything on this island will be gone forever!
And I do mean…EVERYTHING!

Link claims the Coral Triangle

As ever, leave via the top door and claim your next instrument – the Coral Triangle – and hear the voice guiding you forward.

Something calls…from the mountains…

Excellent progress, Link. Don't stop now, let's continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough and seek out the Bird Key Location, Mountain Tower and Resurrecting the Rooster before heading to Eagle’s Tower and learning How To Defeat Eagle's Tower Boss (Level 7).