Link and Marin stare out over the ocean

Concluding part five of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we'll need Link to use his Flippers and learn how to defeat the Angler Fish, the fourth dungeon Angler's Tunnel Boss.

How To Defeat Angler Fish - Angler's Tunnel Boss (Level 4)

Heading down to the underground lake

Unusually, the next room doesn’t contain the boss – instead you will have to descend the steps to a deep, side-scrolling lake.

The Angler Fish appears

Swim towards the lakebed and the Angler’s Tunnel Nightmare will make its appearance - this is the Angler Fish. Take heed of her words:


Hitting the Angler's Fish's weakspot for massive damage

The Game Boy version of this boss is known for a being a bit of a pushover. The Switch version is about 99% as much of a pushover, though she is at least a little more mobile – swimming side to side and occasionally ramming the wall causing forcing you to dodge debris. Charge up sword attacks and hit the glowing orb protruding from her head* and she will soon implode, handing you a heart container and unlocking the treasure room above.

*Marine Biologists and other orders of reader/guide writer who can find Wikipedia articles will note that this feature is called an “Esca” or “Illicium”. Also, the Angler Fish is likely female because of the distinct and fascinating dimorphism evidenced in examples of the species. Or so we’ve heard.

Link claims the Surf Harp, his fourth instrument

Head back to the treasure room and pick up your fourth instrument – the Surf Harp. Stay tuned for directions from the mysterious voice:

Your road goes in the bay…

Splish, Splash! Let's continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by heading to Martha's Bay, learning Manbo's Mambo and escorting a Pink Ghost to gain entry to Catfish's Maw before learning How To Defeat Catfish's Maw Boss (Level 5).