Star Wars: Hunters Gyro Switch Pro Controller
Image: Nintendo Life

If you're used to playing Switch shooters like Splatoon 3 which feature extra gyroscope-based motion aiming to help line up your shots, you might be wishing that Star Wars: Hunters had the same feature.

Well, good news! Star Wars: Hunters does have motion controls, and the way to activate them is similar to Fortnite — you've just got to go in and find the right menu option.

In this guide, we'll show you where to go to activate gyro controls.

Star Wars Hunters: Where are the gyro control options?

To turn on motion controls, press '+' while on the main menu, or navigate to the box in the top right-hand corner (shown below - you can just tap it if you're playing in handheld mode). Click the 'Settings' option that pops up.

On the opening Gameplay tab, scroll down to Global Gyro and you'll find various motion control options — turn on Gyro Aiming to... well, you get the idea.

You also have rotation options depending on your preference for Yaw or Roll, plus options to invert each gyro axis independently from stick aiming, if you choose.

Our recommendations? Head into Training to test out what works best for you. Personally, we went with Roll rotation and upped the sensitivity, but the beauty of all these settings is the ability to tweak them to your personal liking. (We also remapped the jump button to 'X', although maybe we've been playing too much Tears of the Kingdom.)

How do you change the gyro sensitivity? Glad you asked.

Gyro controls sensitivity options

In order to alter the sensitivity of the motion controls, press 'R' once to go to the Controls tab.

Scroll down to Gyro to access sensitivity options per axis, plus a separate option to adjust sensitivity if you're aiming down sights (an ability some characters have).

If you go to Advanced Options, you'll also be able to tweak the auto-assisted aiming sensitivity, which can be very useful if you're playing with sticks, but might be distracting when you have the finer aiming afforded by motion controls.

Hopefully you found this useful. For more tips and info, check out our other Star Wars: Hunters guides.