Evo Darumaka1

Pokémon have always had various ways of evolving into new beasties, and Pokémon Sword and Shield are no different. One of these curious contenders is the chilly little Galarian Darumaka, which can be found primarily on Route 8, just south of Circhester, and Route 10, just south of Wyndon, and only in Pokémon Sword. You'll also need to rummage around in the grass rather than wait for it to show its face in the overworld, so keep an eye out for those exclamation marks.

Thankfully this geezer is a simple little thing to evolve, if you know what to do. All you need to do is find and use an Ice Stone on it, it really is that easy.

But where can you get one of these Ice Stones? You'll need to head to the Wild Area, and once you're there you have a choice, either the circle of standing stones at the Lake of Outrage as shown above on the left, or by spending some Watts with the Digging Duo, who can be found in Bridge Field, shown above and on the right.

Evo Darumaka4

The latter option is all down to luck, but keep trying and soon enough you'll have what you need to make that Galarian Darumaka into a Galarian Darmanitan.