Wooper in Scarlet and Violet
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Paldean Wooper is fine and all, but if you want regular Wooper in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you need to put in a bit of extra work to fill out this part of your Paldea Pokédex.

This guide explains how to get standard Wooper and how to get even more after that.

How to get Wooper in Scarlet and Violet

All the Wooper you find in the wilds of Paldea are Paldean Wooper, a regional, Poison-and-Water Dual Type variant. However, an NPC in Cascarrafa happens to have a regular Wooper, or a Johtonian Wooper to use the specific term. She wants a Paldean Wooper in return.

You can get to Cascarrafa early by heading north from Cortondo, crossing into West Province near the Bombirdier Titan battle, and jumping into the Asado desert. At the desert's north end is an entrance to Cascarrafa. Take the water wheel elevator up to the central fountain, and that's where you'll find the Wooper trainer.

How to get regular Wooper in Scarlet and Violet
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This is also where you'll find the friendship checker.

You can find Paldean Wooper as soon as you start the game. Look near the ponds between Poco Path Lighthouse and Los Platos, and you’re almost guaranteed to see at least one Paldean Wooper wooping it up nearby. These are low level, so you may want to use False Swipe to avoid accidentally KO’ing them.

Take your Paldean Wooper back to Cascarrafa, and you get a level-18 Wooper named Manchester in return. This one is the standard Ground and Water type and knows Rain Dance, Mud Shot, Haze, and Slam.

Trade Wooper in Scarlet and Violet
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You can’t change the name 'Manchester', since it’s a name the previous trainer provided out of love.

You can, however, do a spot of Pokémon breeding and pair Johtonian Wooper with a Ditto to get a new standard Wooper baby who you can name, raise, or trade with friends who need an extra.

Like Paldean Wooper, this Wooper evolves at level 20. Just bear in mind that Johtonian Wooper evolves into Quagsire instead of Clodsire. Quagsire learns moves such as Muddy Water, Aqua Tail, and Earthquake instead of Megahorn and Sludge Wave. Quagsire also has slightly higher stats on average, except for special defense, where Clodsire shines brighter.

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