Bronzor location in Pokemon Scarlet
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Finding the Bronzor location in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is easier than you might think. You can start stocking up on Bronzor Fragments almost as soon as you start your journey and then head out to Zapapico to evolve your Charcadet into Armarouge and fill out that Paldean Pokédex even before tackling your first Gym battle.

This guide explains where to find Bronzor fast.

Bronzor location in Scarlet and Violet

Bronzor call a few ruins around Paldea home, including West Province, the area south of Artazon, and, more importantly, South Province Area Two. The South Province Area Two location is the fastest and easiest one to reach, and you can visit as soon as you waltz into the olive groves around Cortondo.

Where to find Bronzor in Scarlet
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That’s particularly handy if you want to evolve your Charcadet – found in South Province Areas Three and Four – into Armarouge quickly, since you need Bronzor Fragments to make Charcadet’s evolution item in Scarlet.

Travel to Cortondo, and venture north away from the city. Head up the ridge shown in the image below.

Bronzor South Province Area Two
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Work your way around the small hill and up the narrow incline to the top of said hill. At the far end is a Wild Tera Fletchling that’s almost always there, and a bit further on is a small cluster of ruins. You should see at least a few Bronzor floating around, but if not, fly back to Cortondo and try again.

How to get Bronzor Fragments

How to get Bronzor Fragments
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Like other Pokémon materials, Bronzor Fragments drop when you either catch or defeat the Pokémon in question, which is naturally Bronzor in this case. The Bronzor in South Province Area Two should be at or around level 10.

As a Psychic and Steel dual type, Bronzor are weak to Fire, Dark, and Ghost moves. Fighting is a no-go thanks to the Psychic typing, but you should be able to grab a Shroodle or Fidough and use Bite to take these down without issue.

Once you have 10 Bronzor Fragments, you can exchange them for the Valorous Armor in Zapapico City, but again, only in Scarlet. In Violet, you need Sinistea Chips for Malicious Armor. Zapapico is at the western end of the ruins and wasteland in East Province, and while you normally don't go there until later, you can get to Levincia early and take the northern route into the wasteland to reach Zapapico.

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