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Image: Nintendo Life

If you've recently picked up Nintendo Switch Sports — the latest entry in the 'Sports' line that Nintendo began with Wii Sports back in 2006 — you may have wondered where the Miis have gone. I don't like these jazzy new avatars, you may be thinking. I want my chubby little Mii with floating spheres for hands!

Well, fear not — it's entirely possible to play Nintendo Switch Sports with Miis, and we're here to tell you how, just in case you missed it. Unfortunately, floating hand-spheres are a thing of the past, but at least you can get your Mii's head in the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports Miis - How To Use Miis

Playing as a Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports couldn’t be simpler. When selecting your user/avatar and you’re given the ‘Customize’ option...

Image: Nintendo Life

Select the 'Customize' option and then select ‘Body’.

From here, choose the ‘Select Mii’ option and decide which handsome Mii you wish to play as. You'll need to have a Mii saved to your Switch, of course — check out the video and links below if you need a hand with that.

Image: Nintendo Life

And finished! Do note that this will only affect your avatar’s head and not their body, meaning you can wear whichever outfit you wish with your Mii’s head firmly attached.

See? Told you it was simple. Time to go see what other Miis we made. We're sure we had a Batman somewhere...

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